What I learned from Starbucks Coffee Company is exactly what I want from a corporate culture.  It was an amazing company to be a part of.  Collaborative, inventive, entrepreneurial, and experiential are just some of the words to describe my years there.   The concept of the third-place is real, and I was privileged to be a part of it during its most troubling times during the economic downturn.  I watched a company have a heart, treat partners with respect and dignity, and valued thoughts and opinions from all walks of life.  From Starbucks, I reinvigorated my passion for teaching, as I frequently taught the Starbucks experiences to local universities (Purdue, IU, Ball State) and mentored many of my co-workers to become Coffee Masters.  This is a sampling of the culture and my accomplishments HERE.

My experiences at Starbucks and managing distributors in Sysco and US Foods as a supplier, allows you to learn how to win and hearts and minds of sales teams to have them sell on your behalf!  Selling a premium product could prove challenging until we introduced Seattle's Best Coffee, and education was an important ingredient, as you had to ensure the Starbucks always tastes like Starbucks in every drip coffee to espresso drinks.