Monarch Beverage, Inc., On-Premise Sales (September 2001 – February 2004) Indianapolis, Indiana

This is where I stepped foot into the Three-tier system. My passion for beer, brewing history, and collection of memorabilia started here.  What you would NOT know is, that I did not drink until I was 21 years old.  My father is an alcoholic, so I took a very strategic approach with addiction being prevalent in our family.   This new world was extremely interesting to me, and NEW and EXCITING!   Not for the by-product of consumption, but the historical aspects and learning the history of something I knew very little about.

While at Monarch, I learned from the quintessential training leader in our industry, E&J Gallo.   Their 10 steps to a sales call is the backbone for how many distributors go to market today. 

My success in two territories in the on-premise lead to a choice between an Area Manager or a promotion with Miller Brewing Company, one I just could not pass up, but allowed me to stay with the same distributor.  My promotion was into a channel where I had NO experience, the OPGM (Off premise general market).  Yet another challenge I knew nothing about.

I left the beer business to pursue a different kind of selling, one that was not a commodity.   I sold medical lasers from Cynosure Inc., a start up company at the time.   What I gained from this experience were two items:

1.  I really realize how much more personal fulfillment I received from the beverage industry.

2.  I understood how important training and development should be within any company.

This experienced shaped what I wanted from a company, my development, and the company culture that most motivated me. The lure of Starbucks and my passion for beverages lured me back to my love of drinks.

Miller Brewing Company, Off-Premise Manager (February 2004 – January 2005) Indiana

As a representative of Miller Brewing Company, I got better understand what working and partnering with the distributor and its sales force from the supplier side fighting for "share of mind".  I also worked along with independently owned liquor store retailers throughout the state, ensuring MBCo. products received competitive pricing, placement, distribution, and promotion.  I was also responsible for all General Sales meeting presentations and continuing the Miller partnership with the Reset team, Graphics Department, and Promotional teams within the distributor.  This is where I became certified in Solution Selling and Space Management with Miller, and began to use IRI and Nielsen Data to help drive decision making in my accounts.   We won the best DMA for Miller Brewing Company in 2004, the  High Life Achievement Award.  I also created a unique platform for advertising brands, taking a creative approach to winning and dominating in accounts.

  • Created marketing program used throughout the Mid-Central Market (2004).