As it relates to training, this is something I rather fell into than pursued.  All my experiences brought me to this point in my career, and I have learned more from each experience.  I have since created a profound passion for leadership, training, learning, and development to serve others to reach their maximum potential, which in turn, assists the company in meeting business strategies and objectives.  I bring these experiences to both a sales management or training approach to our business.  I am very proud of the work our team has done in Indiana, including the launch of certifications prior to the national program, and projects such as the Ambassador Program, our Nationally recognized on-boarding program we created from scratch, the launch of our executive leadership training, and the excitement we have brought to the organization regarding learning and development. 

We have now piloted and created our own internal Certified Specialist of Spirits classes designed to prepare them for the exam.   This program is now being reviewing for adoption by many other states, as it is an important aspect we teach our sales teams category training, and engage their enthusiasm for our business with knowledge and learning!  

We also created the first SWS Punch Bowl Ambassador Program to challenge those with 2 spirit or wine certifications in a contest in spirits, wine, and cocktail knowledge with the in tent to keep this learning fresh and alive inside SWS Indiana.   We crowned our first winner ion early 2016, and received such great feedback, we are looking forward to 2017!   The ambassador winner assisting the training department with teaching, and receives some additional opportunities for learning throughout 2016.

Classes I teach include:  Behavioral Interviewing, Real Time Coaching, Core Management Skills, Core Selling Skills, Meetings Under Control

We also host two Area Manager Summits per year focused on their skills and development, and put together an Executive Retreat in 2015 to move us ahead to our "OneSouthern" initiative.  

I am certified in the following:

I  am a member of the ATD (Association for Talent Development), and have attended/completed two workshops:

I have also use these software programs to help facilitate, communicate, or manage our training culture: