Welcome to the homepage of Joshua D. Mason of Indianapolis, Indiana, current Diageo Reserve Portfolio Regional Specialist for the MIDWEST.  Parent, coach, brand ambassador, board member, imbiber, and teacher are just a few word to describe him (me).  I have a passion for beverages, travel, teaching, brewing, distilling, cocktails, coaching, and making the world I live in a better place, and be an example of the change I want to see in the world.  I strongly advocate the responsible use of my industry!

Please navigate this webpage to learn more about me personally and professionally, and utilize me as a resource to expand your knowledge and understanding of spirits, production, cocktails, and the bar industry.


All photos on this site were taken by either Josh Mason's iPhone at non-discriminatory times or a trained professional.  I think they will be distinguishable as to which is which.

Here is a bit of my personal world below:  

Jessica (wife), Oliver (10), Elliott (8), Mavis (2) & Graham (2)